12 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business

The good news for writers is that there are more ways to build a freelance writing business than ever before. In fact, here are 12 ways to get started. You don’t have to try all 12 ideas at once. Pick one or two that you find interesting and related to the type of writing you enjoy.

1. Writing for companies – Many small businesses need writers, but they can’t afford to hire them as permanent employees, so they use freelancers. If you provide business writing services, start by marketing your services to local businesses on a regular basis.

2. Write for local print publications – most local publications don’t cost much. However, if you can write regularly for some of them, you can earn a steady income every month or even every week this way. This is also a great way to earn some publishing credits and gain experience working with different editors.

3. Write for a national magazine – once you write for a local publication, switch to a glossier, more paid national publication. You only need to find 3 or 4 to write regularly to get a good income.

4. Promote other companies’ products and services – this is called affiliate marketing and it’s a great way to increase your freelance income. Web sites such as Commissionjunction.com, ClickBank.com, selfhelphub.com, and shareasale.com allow affiliate programs to be used for a variety of products and services.

5. Create a membership website and charge members a monthly fee – an example is the kids coaching club for kids I founded a few years ago. Since I am a children’s writer and a former children’s book tutor, it is very suitable for me to open a children’s writers tutoring club.

6. Create and market your own information products – who are you an expert? Make an e-book or e-course about this and market it online. For example, one of my information products is a 52-week e-course, suitable for people who want to write better non-fiction works. It’s called how to write better, stronger, more engaging non-fiction novels. What kind of e-course can you create based on your interests and professional knowledge?

7. Write and Publish Your Own Books – If you self-publish, you need a system to sell your books. But many writers earn a hefty income from their own bookstore.

8. Cost of ad space – develop a blog or website for the target niche market, once the website gets a lot of traffic then charge the ad space there.

9. Writing books for different publishers-Many publishers are looking for writers who want to write books for them. These publishers will give you a list of the titles of the books they need. Before you get a contract to write this book, you usually have to write an outline or proposal according to the publisher’s guidelines.

10. Teaching Writing Seminars – Once you’re widely published, create seminars so you can help other writers publish too. Your seminar can be held in person or online.

11. Participate in Speeches – Deliver speeches at writers conferences or other professional events and get paid.

12. Create and pay for remote lessons – you don’t even have to teach these remote lessons yourself. You can hire other people (experts) to teach you and pay a certain amount or percentage of the income to someone every time they sign up for a distance lesson.


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