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Want to sell photos online in your gallery? Send people to your own professional photo sharing library to buy photos you’ve taken for them. There is more than one way to solve this problem. Here, let’s take a look at the benefits of a turnkey solution called Professional Photo Sharing, a service designed for professional photographers like you.

Not too long ago, this will be a big project to start your own photography business. My things have changed. Nowadays, the new online photo service allows you to upload all photos to your own gallery and set your own price. Take pictures as you want and send your customers to your beautiful online gallery to buy pictures.

Professional photo sharing makes it easy for online customers to view your photos. They can then click through to order prints, enlarged versions and various gifts such as coffee cups, sweatshirts, Christmas cards, etc… You can earn money from each sale because you set the price yourself. Forget it, click to upload unlimited photos, if you want to take a million photos, you can’t grow! Your precious images are safely stored in full resolution and ready to be sold. Download them anytime as it is also a photo saving website. Hey, the backup is good, right? Organizing photo albums couldn’t be easier with these companies’ easy-to-use tools.

Are you an artist waiting to be discovered? Start your work today. Whether you’re shooting a local cheerleader or exploring Alaska. Selling your photos is now very easy. You really don’t want the hassle of setting up a merchant account to charge people’s credit cards, do you? Very good, because you don’t have to! You really don’t want to print, crop, package, address, ship and provide customer service with every order, do you? Good because you don’t have to

That’s right, now you really have time to get out there and take loads of pictures. Crazy, you can take a million pictures if you want. There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload on some professional photo sharing websites. Hey, is your goal oriented right? How long does it take to take a million photos? Let’s see, this should be easier than picking out Tootsie Pop. If you shoot every day for 10 years, you have to take 274 pictures every day because I don’t think you can take 2739 pictures every day for a year!

Here are some suggestions for what to shoot:

1. Taking Photos While on Vacation a) Museums and Historic Sites b) National Parks and Monuments c) City Skylines and Buildings d) Amusement Parks e) Trails and Trails f) Scenic Views

2. School sports events, especially regional and state championships or championships. They are a goldmine and their parents love pictures of their superstars. If you take a photo of each child and then a group photo, many parents will buy a few. One for the house, one for grandma and so on. If you add up all the children from all the teams, you will see hundreds of children. The money started to add up very quickly. a) Photos of soccer teams b) Photos of cheerleading c) Back to school activities d) Regional and state championships e) Soccer, wrestling, swimming, etc… f) School games, concerts, etc. g) Minor league baseball h) Soccer team i ) basketball team

3. Local Events – check the local newspapers to find out what’s happening in your area a) hot air balloon races and air shows b) car shows and motorcycle rallies c) parades and fireworks d) county and state fairs e) craft fairs f) trade shows g) Concert h) Tailgate Party

4. Boy Scouts and Boy Scouts – Many children don’t play football or basketball. They love to scout. They buy a lot of pictures of children who participate in Scouting activities. Bypass the event and shoot it, try to get a nice group photo of each scout and then shoot the troops with the leader. Make sure you get approval from the appropriate committee. a) Camping b) Hiking c) Annual Jamboree d) Pinewood Derby e) Fundraising

5. PROPERTY – Real estate agents need high quality photos to promote their listed properties. Let your local institution know that you can be ready at any time and watch the flow of money. Architects need pictures of the properties they design for many reasons. Get the money out! a) Real estate agency b) Commercial real estate c) Architectural photography d) Builders and contractors

6. Recreational activities – this is my favorite I live in the mountains and there are many such adventure activities around. People on vacation should love their photos when they participate in activities. If there is one of those

Stand to compensate for the loss of the policyholder. Insurance experts recommend a list with photos of all items covered by the insurance policy. This is a huge market. a) Residential b) Commercial

8. Family Portrait-Many families take a family portrait every year. I like to photograph family at fun times, not in the studio. I like to spend quality time with them. I always get a better smile and more interesting images on the spot. This year it is highly recommended to take pictures at an event that the whole family likes to participate in together.

9. School Activities – When I tell you how much money you can make shooting college graduates, clubs, dances or back-to-school activities, you won’t believe me. So I want you to discover it for yourself. Then you email me and tell me, I’ll believe it! Filming of some school events, such as graduation and drama, should be done during rehearsal before the actual event. Make prior arrangements with the school before shooting. a) Graduation b) School drama c) Dance d) Military band e) Homecoming

10. Stock Photography Agencies- There are many agencies that buy high quality images for packaging and resale. Check out stock photo agencies, many of which accept freelance work.

This is the process. Take a photo and give the customer a card with the address of your photo gallery website on it. Upload the photo to your gallery. Customers visit your website and choose the products they want and order prints or coffee cups, whatever they want. The photos are then printed and sent by the company hosting your gallery. Then the company will send you a check. How much you earn on each image is up to you. The photo library hosting company will charge you $1.99 for an 8″ x 10″ print. You set the selling price of the print to 24.99. You just made $23.00. When you use your inner artistic value to increase the value of an otherwise cheap piece of paper, magic happens. Most retailers hope for such a nice price increase!

Once you start, you will queue up to work on different activities. Even take photos while traveling and write off your business expenses. If you’re really into photography, you should consider your own online gallery.

When I got my gallery I was happy to design a creative title for the gallery and set up and organize all my photos. For example, I have a gallery that pays tribute to trees. Every time I see a beautiful tree, I take a picture and post it in the gallery I named Treebute.


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