Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

What is a Freelance Writer?

I recently met a lady at a web conference. I told her I was a freelance writer and she was most impressed: “I’ve never seen copywriting before! Copywriting is supposed to be fun. Is this a good place for copywriting?” and so forth. Then she asked, “So, how do you help others apply for copyright?”

Sometimes when I’m talking about my career I need to get an education – I can’t just throw the word “copywriting” at that, assuming everyone knows what I’m talking about. So I’d call myself a marketing writer, or I’d say, “I write for companies.” This is a good definition. Copywriting is anyone who writes for a company to make a living. Print ads, brochures, web content, articles, technical documents, video scripts – as long as you say it, the copy is written.

Many copywriters prefer to specialize because no one can be equally knowledgeable or passionate about everything. Still, there is usually some leakage between one niche and another. For example, I focus on short, punchy marketing works such as leaflets, brochures, flyers and web pages. I mainly work with small businesses and entrepreneurs. But I also get a steady stream of requests to write more in-depth articles, such as press releases and informational articles, and I’m usually happy to agree. Some writers limit themselves to an extremely narrow niche market, focus on a specific topic or format, and serve a specific audience, but they can achieve great results by putting all their energy into capturing that little piece of the pie. I am actively looking for certain types of jobs and clients, but I am open to other possibilities.

Why should you hire a copywriter?

The same reason you do everything in your business – to make money. Copywriters can help you make more money in many ways. First, if you have professional writers producing marketing and sales materials for you, these materials are more likely to lead to the sale of some “models” put together by amateurs. You can also benefit in a less obvious way – by increasing your productivity. How much is your billable time worth to you and your business? How much precious time do you waste because you are busy writing tasks instead of completing your job or running a business? Writers can lighten your burden and provide you with better products, faster and more cost-effectively.

What should you pay attention to in copywriting?


Make sure it’s legal. Look for writing samples, reference materials, and letters of recommendation from satisfied customers. Do your homework the same way you would when hiring an independent contractor.

Fits well

Talk to the author and try to feel if the relationship is smooth or rough. And try to determine the author’s profession, if applicable. Regardless of skill or experience, no writer is right for every job. For example, if you run a funeral home, think twice before hiring a writer who specializes in humorous bumper stickers. ‘Enough said.

detailed plan

Request an offer letter from your potential author to discuss the project’s timeline, milestones, payment expectations, and quality assurance. Make sure the rewrite is available, either included in the price or as an optional additional purchase.

Make sure the rate is reasonable, either expressed as a flat fee or estimated per hour. Look around for a range of quotes. In general, you can expect a three-figure fee for most short stories, and more expensive than large projects (in the case of “superstar” copywriting, it could be more.) but the rate could be. There are big differences depending on the level of experience and reputation of the writer. This is why unreasonably low interest rates should send red flags. Why isn’t this writer demanding professional rates, or is it not worth it? Are you dealing with legitimate entry-level writers trying to build a portfolio, or do you run into a “low-level person” who just wants to make a quick buck at the expense of inexperienced buyers?

An excellent copywriter is invaluable. Once you’ve found a reliable professional who can write high-quality articles, complete the work before the deadline, and enjoy working with him, grab him. You get a valuable business partner who can help you take your business to the next level, word for word.


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