How to Hire a Freelance Editor

When you start publishing more articles and e-books, consider hiring a freelance editor to add your i and your t. Free editors can also be used to redo articles or series of articles you write that require more work to be accepted, redo someone else’s failed work, or clean up eBooks. You can even ask the editor how you can make your work smoother, more content-rich and make sure your research is correct. Editors are very useful, but if you want to hire an editor, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Find an editor with the correct credentials. He or she should speak and write in the language you want to use in the eBook. He or she must have editing experience. If he or she is also a writer it will help a lot because the best editor is a writer or some other kind of form. They know how to make your article look better and have the right grammar.

2. Understand that editing is time consuming and give a good time frame to complete the work. Editing is all detailed work; everything will be checked carefully several times to check spelling, grammar, fluency, language and you may even need to do more content/ask your editor to write more when needed.

3. Editing is more like a partnership than an employee-employer relationship. Your editor will observe and be interested in your work very closely; he or she will make improvements and tear parts of the content to pieces. In return, you get a stronger product that helps you sell yourself or your business better. Make sure to keep the lines of communication as open as possible as there can be a lot of chatter back and forth.

4. Organize and provide a complete, albeit rough, product is for your editor. Giving your editor half the product will only frustrate both of you and make it difficult for him or her to finish their work. Rough is fine; just make sure you have the beginning, middle and end.

If you have enough budget, you can consider hiring an editor, especially for long works like e-books, you can use outside opinions to make your product more powerful. Freelance editors are usually in the same directory as freelance writers and even programmers, so check these locations. A good editor is a great way to get your written work looking its best so you can showcase your business and yourself.


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