Freelance Photography – 10 Ways to Get Your Photography Noticed

If you want to break into the free photography market, you want to stand out. In this article, you’ll discover some effective ways to make your photos attractive. Getting more exposure and publicity for your work can help you get more photo assignments and charge more for your services. Here are the top ten ways to get attention for your photographic portfolio.

1. Share your photos on the web. If you have your best portfolio online, people can really find you. Make sure the title is correct and use the keywords people are searching for.

2. Enter your photo into the contest – you can not only win money through the contest, but also get publicity and even valuable feedback about your image.

3. Networking on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter social media sites can be a great way to meet other like-minded professionals, as well as trading advice and tips. Usually freelance photographers are very busy and will share with you job openings that they are too busy to accept.

4. Sell on stock photo sites. Using your images for permission on stock photo sites can earn you money and get your attention. The top photographers are usually approached for vacancies through these sites.

5. Join arts associations and clubs – meeting people in person can build relationships and help you connect with potential employers.

6. Internship at a photography magazine, advertising agency or newspaper – while it may not bring in huge sums of money, an internship can usually open doors that are usually not found. You can take the time to prove yourself to a magazine editor or advertising representative to find the job of your dreams.

7. Word of Mouth: If you’re doing some photography work for your client, make sure you over-deliver. By serving your customers, you get valuable word of mouth. The best thing about word of mouth is all the free ads.

8. Taking great photos – aspiring freelance photographers need to spend time carefully setting up their photos. Use your creativity to capture beautiful moments in a new way with different angles, lighting, themes, color combinations and poses.

9. Do some freelancing on popular outsourcing sites – many people use these outsourcing sites (like or to earn a full-time income. You can use your small photography job as a springboard to build relationships with companies that may be interested in your portfolio.

10. Contact the Media – The media is always looking for photos to complement their stories. Try contacting local media, TV stations, and newspapers to contribute your photos. You can use this type of promotion to generate interest in you and the products you offer.


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