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Are you writing a blog? If your answer is “no”, then start blogging today because if you are a freelance writer and your name does not show up on Google, your credibility is zero. Here’s how to get the most out of your blog.

Blogging is more than you think. Forget your blog as an online diary: your blog is a professional tool.

I could spend a few hours talking about the benefits of blogging for writers (and often do), but here are four tips to make blogging work for you.

1. Build your portfolio blog: your “name” blog

The first blog you should create (yes, you should have more than one) is your “name” blog. Therefore, if your name is Milly Emmeline Smythe (I hope this is a fictitious name; I’m not referring to a real person), then your blog will be called Milly Emmeline Smythe.

Whenever someone enters your name into Google, your name blog will appear.

Important Note: Forget creative and cute names. Google and other search engines are software programs, they don’t have smart concepts. Your only goal is to have your name appear as the first result in the search engine when the writing buyer enters your name. If so: immediate credibility.

2. Use social media to share your blog posts

Since there are millions of websites online, your blog needs a link to them so people can find you.

The easiest way to get links is to use several of the many social media tools. Pick your favorites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… These tools can help you quickly gain popularity through links.

Another way to gain popularity is to participate in forums regularly.

3. Be known in forums where you can be hired

Stay away from the writers forum. Your fellow writers, while charming, cannot hire you. If you take their advice too seriously, they could even hurt your new career. Professional writers are rarely found on writers’ forums: they are too busy writing. However, you will find professional writers on forums for business owners, webmasters and internet marketers.

Adding a link to your “name” blog in your forum signature is an easy way to get the link and get hired. There is a high demand for capable freelance writers on the internet.

4. Write down your favorite topics (topics you want to write about)

New bloggers tend to write: This is the most important thing, and this is what you know. However, this is rarely the way to be hired to write.

Write down the topic you want to be hired for: parenting, business, technology…

Think of the search engine. Over time, as long as someone types in search terms like “writer”, “freelance” and “your subject”, your name will appear somewhere on the first page of search results.

For example, if your topic is parenting skills, your name will be displayed as long as someone types “writer parenting” into the search box of the search engine.

Use these tips to make blogging work for you and build your freelance writing career. Now is the best time to be a writer: your blog can help you make a lot of money.

Online writers are in high demand as website traffic and sales depend on a steady stream of fresh content. This means that you can earn money writing freely for the web, even if you have never published an article before.

I know several bloggers who can earn three times their previous “daily work” income just by blogging. The ghostwriter for writing articles is also good. These writing tasks do not require technical expertise, just the ability to write effectively and regularly.

Every week I get several “How do I start writing online?” questions from new writers.

The answer is “start anywhere and keep writing”. There really is no mystery. You must write and publish what you write online to prove that you can write. No one will hire you based on your statement, you have to prove that you can write for the web, you can follow the instructions and that you can deliver what you are asked for on time.

The benefit of this is that when you get hired, you get half of the retention fee and the rest is paid when you turn in the materials. This is in stark contrast to printed texts, when you get paid when you receive or even publish…sometimes it translates to “never”. I’m still waiting for payment for “publishing” articles I wrote in the 1980s.

Writing for the web is to build your credibility.

If you can write, build up your credits until you get a good salary

Just like in the print world, writing online requires a series of fees. Payment will depend on the success of the website or company you have hired. High traffic sites may pay you $1 per word or more, but before such sites can hire you, you need to build your own reputation and reputation.

This is all about your name. Anyone looking to hire you online will search for your name on Google. If your article appears, it will be a big tick for you. People who hire web writers want to see your name on the web. This is just common sense.

So let’s see how we can get your name out there so people can find you and realize that you can help them by writing for them.

1. Create a blog

This is the easiest way. You can create a free blog in seconds. Just started posting to the blog.

You can blog about any topic you want to hire to write about parenting, tropical fish, cycling, etc. However, avoid blogging about yourself because unless you are famous, no one will hire you to write about you.

In the sidebar of your blog, add a link to the “Hire Me” page.

2. Promote your blogging and writing services

Keep posting on your blog and add a few blog posts every week. Your blog will be indexed by search engines and you will get traffic.

You can help this process by promoting your blog through many online advertising sites; by creating pages that link to your blog on sites such as Squidoo; and through article marketing – you can promote your blog in a variety of ways so you can start making money from Flow and being hired to write.

So there you have it: becoming an online writer just means writing and improving yourself. The process I outlined for you works. Just follow it – before you learn about it, get the first of many web clients.


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