Freelance Writing – The Five Myths of Freelance Writing Explained

Free writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes goals, determination, and skills, but all of these can be learned. To let you know that you can certainly earn a significant income from free writing, let’s first address the common misunderstandings you may have heard.

Misunderstanding 1-It is impossible to make money from the internet or work from home
Many people may think that it is impossible to make money from the internet or at home, let alone become a freelance writer. However, there are now thousands of freelance writers who have broken through the “daily work” of the office and work from home.

Misunderstanding 2-You can make some money, but not enough to quit your job
Others believe that while people can earn some money by writing for free, it is not enough to give up their day job. In fact, throughout history, freelance writers have had a reputation as “hungry artists,” but with the advent of the Internet, this situation has changed. Of course, some people’s income is not enough to stop their day job, but it comes down to how they sell their services. This is essential to the success of any freelance writer

Myth 3: Being a Freelance Writer Can’t Get Rich
This is another myth that people know nothing about the facts of modern free writing. You see, there are many freelance writers with an annual income of more than $100,000 or even more than $500,000. If you think these numbers are exaggerated, I refer you to or other recruiting sites, which show the earnings of freelance writers.

Myth 4: Freelance writers’ income is limited because they pay by the hour
This is a more accurate myth, but it’s still wrong. An important lesson is how to position yourself as an advisor, not just a writer. See, the average writer pays by the hour, and the salary isn’t high. Consultants can charge (and get) very high hourly rates, but they can also set ‘project fees’. This means you can make more money and people are happy to pay.

Misunderstanding 5-My writing skills are average so no one will hire me
This is what keeps many people from becoming freelance writers. If you intend to become an academic writer, this is a reasonable concern, but nothing more. Academic writers don’t make a lot of money, so you should avoid this kind of work anyway.

See, there are many writing opportunities for you. Nearly all writing capabilities require basic, everyday English. Why? Because most people’s reading level is at the average (high school) level.


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