Hire a Freelancer, Contractor or a Full Time Employee

When you realize you need more help and you need to hire, there will always be a while. Now is the time to start thinking about taking and resuming the search. The first question to ask yourself is what type of employee you want to hire. Should you hire a freelancer, contractor, or full-time employee? Below I will tell you some of the advantages of self-employed people, contractors and full-time employees.


The first choice for hiring is a freelancer. You can hire freelancers on a per-job basis and you can hire them to perform various tasks. In addition, you do not have to pay benefits or health insurance for the self-employed. You only pay for the work they do, per hour or for specific projects/tasks. Keep in mind that many freelancers work from home or remotely, and this is not a long-term option.


Your next choice is a contractor. If you work with contractors, you can hire them for a period of time. If your project is about to end, this is a good choice. For contractors, once the project is complete, they no longer need it and will find another project elsewhere. After the project, you can also choose to hire them full-time. If contractors are impressed with their work and consider them a valuable asset of the company, people usually hire them as full-time employees. One thing to avoid when hiring contractors is that they may be looking for other permanent jobs while working on your project. If your project has an end date, they probably don’t want to lose their jobs between job changes. This is something to keep in mind and watch out for. You don’t want the contractor to leave before the contract expires, especially if you’re considering hiring him full-time.


Hiring full-time employees is your best choice for the long term. If you have enough work and money, it is best to choose this option. I hope that your employees can have an impact on the development of the company and grow with the company. Usually, full-time employees are more involved in their work and business because they are a part of it. Unlike freelancers and contractors, they have more losses. Of course, for full-time employees, you must pay for their health insurance and benefits. To make this easier, there are many HR companies/salary service providers that can help you deal with payroll and benefits. These companies can process your payroll and forward salaries to your employees. This option may cost more, but it can save you valuable time.

In business, we use writing to convey our thoughts, feelings, and thoughts in many ways, and it is difficult to count them all. We create advertising works, business plans, sketches, presentations, scripts, articles, blog posts, memos, brochures and even website content just using short lists. Even with audio and video, writing is still the primary way we communicate within the company or with potential customers and investors.

Therefore, it seems fair to say that we need one person or a group of people to produce our formulation in the most professional and cost-effective manner. After all, words are very ruthless. If you make a mistake when talking to others, you can forgive yourself and correct yourself with a smile. When you write something, it is final.

What we want to show in this article is why it’s a good idea to consider hiring some expert writers. We also want to show you what to look for when you find that person, and some things to look out for. And of course, we want to explain to you the benefits of hiring a qualified freelance writer for you and your business.

You can hire a writer for several reasons. To keep it as short as possible, let’s take a look at the top three. First of all, a good freelance writer will be able to convey your message in a professional and dynamic way and present it in the best possible way. Is it simple enough? If you are making one or more copies, especially if they will be circulating in one form or another for a long time, make sure you make the best copy possible.

The second reason being a writer is a good idea is that you only have a limited number of hours in a day. Even if you work for or own a large company, your employees only have a limited number of hours to work. By delegating the important tasks of making copies to outside professionals, you and your employees can focus on those things that require your immediate attention.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider freelance writers is cost. There is not always enough work to hire full-time or even part-time employees. Even if there is, you have to deal with wage tax, holiday pay, overtime compensation, sick leave, etc. The freelance writer negotiates the costs of his or her services in advance, and in most cases the following applies: the larger and longer the project, the higher the rate you receive. One dollar for one dollar, freelance means lower costs and less headache.

So now let’s discuss some of the things to keep in mind and things to keep in mind when considering future freelance writers. The first thing you want to see is their portfolio. You want to see what other people are paying them for, even if they write it for free. This will give you a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir skill level.

To be consistent with this theme, the next thing you want to see is the diversity of the work. If potential writers have never written for your unique type of business or topic, it doesn’t matter, but if they create one that covers a variety of topics, that’s a good sign. It shows that your author can adapt to any situation and is willing to research your specific information if necessary.

Another thing you should be able to obtain is reference material. This way you can understand if this person can complete tasks on time and how they interact with past or current customers. This is true in any industry, but writing is very important because writing is a fluid art form, if you will. The first time isn’t always right, and how you and the author handle revisions and corrections will determine the future relationship.

Now let’s talk about some obvious red flags. First of all, please avoid guys with $5 per item. The minimum length of an article published online is 500 words, with an average of over 1,000. Given the potential research, writing and proofreading a 1,000-word article can take one or two hours, or even three hours. That’s why anyone with an hourly wage under $2.50 doesn’t have much opinion about their worth.

A good writer may charge you 10 cents a word for the copy he makes. Therefore, the same item above can cost $100. This is a more accurate ratio and ensures a good article that has been carefully crafted and checked for spelling and grammar. Of course, rates vary, and if you have a multi-part project, you can almost always negotiate a better price that fits your budget.

You may also want to avoid discounted writing services or offshore services. These are often full of problems.

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