Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

If you are an SEO copywriter, you are already in a very profitable field of freelance writing. Here are three helpful tips that can further boost your free writing income in this area.

Becoming a trend watcher: what does it mean? Take the social media site Twitter as an example. It is now very popular and many SEO copywriters can easily sell this service to their clients. Here’s how and why.

Many clients who use the services of SEO writers understand online marketing. That’s why they might know Twitter. However, they may not know how it helps their online marketing efforts. To sell services to them, you can write an explanatory ebook.

It doesn’t have to be very long, 5-7 pages are enough. Convert it to a .pdf file and upload it to your website. Let potential customers download it for free. Once potential customers understand how Twitter can increase their profits, you’ve completed the sale.

Anticipate customer needs: Customers will always tell you what they need. They will do this directly or indirectly. While their immediate needs are easy to deal with, indirect needs as an SEO copywriter can add more to your bottom line.

Let’s say you have a customer who orders SEO articles from you on a weekly basis. You know this website, after all you wrote content for it.

However, you notice that there are no blogs. You can suggest opening a blog for your clients and posting for them weekly. Most SEO writers are very busy. Nine out of ten they already know they need a blog, but may not have the time to start one.

To attract them to agree more, offer a “monthly blog package” at a low price. This way they can get continuous content at a favorable price.

Look! You will increase your SEO writing revenue and provide much needed services to your clients.

Recruiting Power: If you’re an SEO copywriter, you’ll be busy at some point. This is especially true if you are consistently marketing as it does not take much time to acquire clients in this freelance writing field.

This is great for becoming an SEO copywriter – the job is very rich – if you know how to market it is relatively easy to get. However, we digress.

Most SEO copywriters have reached the point where they need to hire other freelance writers. You must therefore be able to assess your writing talent. For SEO writing, you need to hire a writer who understands what this niche is. Do not hesitate to ask for samples and reference material.

SEO copywriting is a very profitable freelance writing job even for those just starting out. As an SEO writer, it is not uncommon to earn $100 or more per day. If you develop the skills discussed here, it could be more.


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