Reduce Your Event Budget – Hire a Freelancer!

Planning an event can be a costly business, and one of the biggest costs is the people running it! If you are planning an event, hiring someone to organize it is a good way to spend a lot of money. Hiring a free event manager to manage your event is usually more cost-effective – not to mention that they usually have a lot of experience and can bring a lot of fresh ideas to your event.

The first thing that usually scares event organizers is the daily expenses of free event managers. The daily cost of a good freelancer is between £150 and £250, while more professional positions (such as health and safety consultants, content producers or professional technicians) are much higher.

While the day-to-day costs are usually high, it’s cheaper to hire freelancers when you consider larger situations. For example, if you hire freelancers to organize your event, they will not be employed directly by your company, but as self-employed or even their own company. This means that you do not have to pay taxes, state insurance premiums or salary costs on their behalf. Since they are separate from your organization, you can expect them to provide their own equipment and resources. This should be all about their own email account, cell phone, computer and equipment.

Most of the time, freelancers don’t even work at your office location but work remotely so you don’t have to pay for their desk space, tea and coffee or even their desk! Best of all, they only charge you based on the time they work on your project, so you don’t have to pay for their vacation, check their own email, vacation, or sick pay.

Therefore, consider hiring a freelance manager when looking for resources for your next project.

You have to study many matters and aspects related to the company. The main thing is to create profit for you. This means more promotions or a more harmonious relationship with customers. However, you cannot deny that bookkeeping is also important. But since you only have one organization, you have to delegate tasks. When you delegate accounting tasks, you choose to hire an in-house bookkeeper, hire a free bookkeeper or outsource accounting tasks.

Hiring an accountant for your thriving business is not easy. After all, you are not only dealing with people who can perform the tasks that you have to perform, such as keeping good accounting records. You should also pay attention to the accounting rate that you have to add to the business costs. Currently, the rate ranges from $15 to over $100 per hour. Therefore, when hiring a freelance bookkeeper, always keep in mind some precautions as they also have a major impact on the bookkeeping rate you have to pay.

Accounting Rate Considerations for Hiring a Freelance Bookkeeper

Before getting a free bookkeeper, keep the following considerations in mind:

-Bookkeepers with an accounting degree have higher accounting rates.

While accountants don’t necessarily have to have an accounting degree, those with an accounting degree will have a better life than those without. Because they already have this background, they have a better understanding of basic business concepts such as taxes, payroll, and cash flow. Therefore, their training will not be as extensive as those who do not master the basics of business. So if you want to pay cheaper accounting costs, it is better to hire a newly graduated free accountant who is just in the profession.

-The level of experience of the bookkeeper is also an important factor in determining the accounting rate.

If the bookkeeper already has extensive experience in accounting, even if he does not have a degree, his accounting rate will still be higher than others. This is because he already has the required knowledge in dealing with such business needs (such as creating financial statements, recording and organizing invoices, processing business documents, and creating payrolls). While this type of bookkeeper is not cheap, training costs are kept to a minimum. So if you want an experienced accountant, you also have to estimate whether his experience fits his accounting rate. If you are not completely convinced, you can ask for more references or references to support his stated experience.

-Bookkeepers who regularly update the accounting rules can get a higher accounting rate.

Changes are always the same, and the same is true for specific accounting rules. So if there is a bookkeeper who is always aware of these changes, then he is definitely a good person. The bookkeeper will update it and the changes will be reflected in his work. Therefore, it is best to conduct a thorough interview before hiring a bookkeeper. You can ask him about the changes that have taken place in the field of accounting and his view on these changes. This way you will know if he has paid attention to these changes.

-The accounting rate should be in line with the duties you will be handing over to the bookkeeper and their ability to perform.

If the bookkeeper keeps track of all the accounting tasks you ask him to do, then he should get a higher accounting rate. However, if all you need is a bookkeeper who only needs to focus on specific aspects of your business, such as invoice processing or payroll, then you can look for someone who can get a much lower bookkeeping rate.


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