Freelance Writing: How to Be Successful As a Newbie

Freelance writing is a very popular word among people eager to make money online. As most of these people imagine, writing for free is about going online, picking out some tasks and completing them and getting paid. Unfortunately, if this is your definition of free writing, you are wrong. Freelance writing isn’t just about making money. When you get the label of a freelance writer, you have to work hard to overcome all the challenges that come your way.

Free writing is an art, if you want to make money from it, you have to be disciplined and motivated. Yes, you will make money, but before you make money, you must be a hardworking person. You need to impress potential clients before they hire you. For many new writers who don’t have a portfolio, impressing people is a big challenge. So what do they do?

The easiest way to impress people is to stay within the ethical boundaries of the writing industry. First, never cheat to get a writing assignment. Cheating will destroy your credibility and you will definitely fail at freelance writing. Second, be a beginner. I assure you that most of your first assignments deal with topics that you rarely deal with. Therefore, if you want to bring such topics, you have to learn and be very fast.

For many beginners, writing for free is about making money. Unless you cheat, you will never make money without dedication. The opportunity to cheat in freelance writing is very rare. Depending on the agreement you choose to work for, you will receive the amount you wrote down. Like any other job and earning opportunity, you have to work hard under very demanding conditions, and sometimes you have to work hard.

Free writing requires self-discipline. You must have a schedule that must be followed strictly. For example, you need to understand deadlines and understand the logic of why deadlines are set. In most cases, missing deadlines means significant losses for customers. Missing the deadline means you are unprofessional and your credibility is threatened. To be successful, writers must discipline themselves and understand the nature of time in their work.

As a new freelance writer, you must be passionate about making promises that can be kept. Clients choose writers after considering how compelling their promises are. But if you are hired but fail to keep such a promise, it will be a failure and affect your status as a proficient writer. So be realistic and only promise that you can deliver on all the tasks you want to perform.

Working as a freelance writer can bring great benefits. In fact, this is one of the very rare jobs where you are responsible for what you do. In most cases, you have the option to set your own terms of employment, as long as you don’t violate the terms of the job.

Hiring freelancers is a tricky business. Most of them will accept any job offer regardless of their ability, degree of specialization and reliability. They may later offer or outsource low-quality jobs from other freelancers. However, there are many professional and genuine freelancers on the internet who are committed to providing quality work according to the specifications and expectations of their clients. Follow the tips below to ensure there is no quack in your project.

Target Spammers: There are some online freelancers who use bots to apply for jobs posted online that meet certain criteria. To target spammers, please clearly state your requirements and expectations. Relevant parties only need to apply if they meet the stated qualifications and requirements. You can ask them to include some special sentences in their application to make sure they have actually read your job description. This way, you’ll easily spot and ignore spammers and target more serious applicants.

Samples and portfolios are mandatory: it is unwise to hire freelancers based on the cover page alone. The cover can be copied and reproduced multiple times and can also be recycled multiple times. Instead, a minimum of two or more samples are required to measure the professionalism of freelancers. Employees who work online must provide links and proof that the work is indeed their own. If you hire writers, those who publish articles online (such as in respected article directories) are more capable.

Managing Testing: Many freelancers don’t like this because some employers abuse testing and use test work without paying for it. However, this is one of the most reliable methods you can use to prove the level of freelance competence. If it’s a writing test, a short 150-word essay is fine because it’s long enough to gauge the quality of the author’s work. The shorter test will encourage more capable freelancers to apply for and hold the clown.

Read reviews: Employer reviews play a very important role in deriving chaff from grains. If a freelancer does a similar job with a low score, there’s a good chance that the same sad quality will repeat itself in your project. Employees with positive reviews and high rankings are more capable and more likely to complete your project.

Everything is in writing: After going through the above steps, choose the most capable person and draw up a contract that clearly states the rate, lead time and copyright. This must be agreed upon by both parties and must be binding. This way you can protect yourself from copyright infringement after freelancers are paid enough. After all these phases, there is a good chance that you will find the right freelancer for your project.

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