Freelance Writing – Should You Hire a Freelance Writer?

The suggestions I will make in this article will shock and annoy my graduate friends and professors. Sometimes it’s okay to hire someone to write for you. Yes, hiring a freelance writer may be one of the best investments you will make in an ebook or internet business.

In the literary world, plagiarizing someone else’s work and putting your own name on it is called “plagiarism.” On the other hand, in business, this is always going on. Tech writers have written guides for the booming industry. Marketing experts put together a striking brochure. Newsagents write press releases. Moreover, it is usually the big boss who writes his/her name at work. In the business world, this is considered a good thing. Why?

Business recognizes that each of us has our own unique talents. Copywriters know the best words to use in marketing articles and chefs know the best ingredients for key lime pie.

If you want to write an eBook, whether it’s to share information with the world or to make a living (or both), but it’s hard for you to write complete and extended sentences, it makes perfect sense to hire a freelance author. You provide information and the author integrates it into an interesting and informative e-book.

Or, if you’re using article marketing to drive traffic to your website and number matters, hiring a freelance writer (usually very few) can multiply the links to your site.

Even in the world of literati, freelance writers are a staple food. In that world they are called “ghost writers”. Ghost writers are very popular. And be respected. In fact, many books by “famous authors,” including books by sports stars and politicians, are written by ghost writers.

However, there is a very clear line between using a freelance writer’s work and calling it your own work and taking the work of others and calling it your own. First, the ebook “author” and the freelance writer signed a mutually beneficial business agreement. The “author” hired the author to organize and write down his/her thoughts/ideas/opinions. Freelance writers have been (or expected to be) paid for their services. In the latter case, there is theft.

If you decide to hire a freelance writer, consider the following steps:

1- Ask and read samples of the author’s work. If you can’t judge the pros and cons, ask your friends to read the examples. Is the information clear and informative? Is it fun? Is it convincing?

2- Be very clear and candid with the author. You hire them to provide you services, and they will be paid for it. You always have all rights to the article/ebook.

3- Read the work they have done. Every word of it. If you plan on adding your name to it, let it reflect your thoughts and ideas. If you can tweak some areas to make them more your own, tweak this.

4- If you are careful about using freelance writers, give credit to the credit department you deserve. Add a message: “This eBook was created with the help of Sam Freelancer.”

If you are looking for a freelance writer (or editor, or editor, etc.), you can try Elance, Guru, and Odesk. Just add “www” before each company name, then add “dot com” to the end.

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