3 Strong Reasons You Should Become a Blogger

Many people have (and are still making) money online without a blog. Stories of such people can be found in abundance on the internet. Most of these stories are true.

Therefore, blogs are not necessarily the criterion for online business success. But owning a blog will increase your chances of success as it is a platform for any online business.

I’ve never heard of anyone claiming that setting up a blog will reduce their online income. Conversely, blogs can increase your potential to earn more online income (this can take some time, though). This explains why you should start with the blog next to it.

Apart from being content to share your knowledge and experience with others, blogs are necessary for other reasons as well. These reasons make people realize that blogs can increase your income.

Here are three reasons why you need a blog for every online business you operate in:

1. You attract more and more potential customers

A blog is an online version of the showroom, where you can show what value you need to offer to people who might be interested in it.

If you are a freelancer, your blog is your portfolio. If you are an affiliate marketer or information marketer, your blog is your directory. Even if you just want to put your words online for people to read, blogs can help you achieve this goal. Therefore, blogs can be used to promote any online (or offline) business.

A web entrepreneur without a blog is like a marketer without a catalog: he can’t attract customers through penetration. But by running a blog, you can attract a large number of potential customers through penetration.

And they’ll be willing to take action to put more money in your pocket, even if you haven’t explicitly asked for it. (Remember, the more traffic you attract, the more money you make.)

2. Blogs increase your credibility

For example, I am a freelance blogger. The truth is that I started making more profit after starting a blog for my freelance job before more clients found me and did business with me. The reason is obvious; I made more money simply because the blog increased my credibility, customers trusted me and my skills more, and portrayed me as an expert writer.

If you’re an affiliate selling products or services from others, providing quality content (via a blog) will get visitors to believe your recommendations and buy the products you’re advertising. If you sell information products (eBooks, etc.), you can earn more money by maintaining a blog that clearly explains the benefits buyers can enjoy after purchasing your products.

So if you have a blog, you can make more money (or money you may have already made) than freelance, information marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other online business you’re into.

3. Blogs make a profit through various channels

No matter what kind of online business you use a blog to promote, you can take advantage of the same blog through other channels (such as sponsored reviews, ad space sales, affiliate marketing, contextual ads, etc.).

Since you can monetize a single blog in many ways, if your main revenue channel accidentally collapses, you will continue to monetize it through other channels.

(But remember, building a blog that monetizes multiple channels isn’t an overnight task.)

What it comes down to:

If you think you can make money online – or you already make money – if you don’t have your own website or blog, that’s cool. However, if you really want to increase your income and shorten the path to success in your online business, I highly recommend creating a blog.


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