5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Freelance Writer

Have to work? Can you write? These are the two minimum requirements that will allow you to start a productive and rewarding online freelance career. If your brain is full of ideas and your hands are ready to type, check out these great places to find freelance writing jobs online.

1. Freedom Portal. There are hundreds of websites, such as Odesk, Elance, and GetAFreelancer, which are safe havens for freelance writers and clients who need their output. What you can do is register as a freelancer or provider, create your profile and start searching for open positions. However, getting hired and paid is based on competitive bidding, so make sure you can go all the way!

2. Web Forum. Forums, such as TalkFreelance, DigitalPoint, etc., are no longer used to discuss issues, but are now classified advertisements for dozens of online writing opportunities. Most employers and content seekers post on forums, inviting interested and capable freelancers to submit their best offers. This can take a lot of browsing and scrolling, but locking down a vacancy that matches your qualifications and expertise will show you’re the best person to hire!

3. Item list. Like Helium, there are many places on the Internet where different writers can demonstrate their skills and readability. Because free speech is truly free, online writers can submit as much content as they want; that’s why they’ve made a huge contribution to the knowledge base we call the Internet. You can view EzineArticles, Associated Content, Constant-Content, and other job requests to fill.

4. Online magazines. Gone are the days when writers had to write on paper to attract attention. With hundreds of online magazines (such as Examiner and Suite101), the possibilities to be hired and published digitally are endless! While the work standards of online publications are strict and specific, the salary is generally good. So send your resume and give them a chance.

So you searched for freelance jobs, made bids, sent samples and submitted your application – now what?

If you want to create a more effective internet image, don’t just stop at finding freelance writing jobs. Why not let the job find you? Here are some ways to build customer relationships and make your skills stand out:

– Start blogging. Think of it as a combination of your best works, which you can update and improve as needed. Sometimes it’s best to show your URL to potential clients so they can better understand the services you provide as a freelance writer.

– Do some social networking. With a MySpace or Facebook account, you can join a freelance writing group, where you can share experiences and even get advice on job openings. If you also regularly post relevant comments to other freelancers, you’re likely to get attention, too.

-Keep writing articles. As mentioned, Helium and similar sites are a great way to expose. The more you study and write, the more active your existence as a freelance writer, as more people come back to see your latest and most interesting content. Remember that the quality of the work, not the quantity, is the main factor that sets the best freelance writers apart from others.


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